Jumbo Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Crayons

This simple craft project is a great way to use those Valentine’s Day cookie cutters that are collecting dust in your kitchen. You can make great gift baskets with these simple Valentine’s Day Heart crayons and let the kids give them as Valentine gifts to their friends.
This simple craft project is also a great way to use up all of those broken crayons and bits of crayons that the kids have laying around the house. Send them on a mission and see who can find the most crayon bits! You get a clean house and the kids have a goal!

To make these simple Valentine’s Day Heart Cookie Cutter crayons You Will Need:

Valentine’s Day Heart Cookie Cutters

Aluminum Foil

Baking Sheet

Crayon Bits

This is a simple Valentine’s Day Heart craft, but you will need to help the kids because the oven is involved in this craft project.

The first step is to Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Now, Seal the bottom of the heart shaped cookie cutter with foil wrap leaving top open. This will protect your baking sheet so you can use it for Valentine’s Day Heart cookies later.

Now, Line a baking sheet with foil and place cookie cutters it. You can place as many Valentine’s Day Heart cookie cutters as the baking sheet will hold. They do need to be laying flat on the aluminum foil lined sheet though so the melted wax does not melt out. Use a variety of heart shaped cookie cutters sizes; don’t just stick to one size.

Now, the kids can help with this step of the project. Have them fill the cookie cutters with pieces of crayons. Load the Valentine’s Day cookie cutters up with the crayon bits to the top edge. They will shrink down as they melt and make a thinner heart crayon.

Do not pile the crayon bits higher than the edge of the Valentine’s Day Heart cookie cutter.

Now, you can place the sheet of cookie cutters in the preheated 350-degree oven.

Do not walk away from the oven. Keep an eye on your creations until all the crayon bits have melted into one.

The good thing about this project is that you can use multiple colors in one crayon. Just DO NOT stir the melted crayon mixture once the crayons melted. If you stir the crayon mixture you will ruins the colors.

Once all the jumbo Valentine’s Day Heart crayons are melted remove the baking sheet from oven and let cool. Once cool tap out the jumbo crayons.

To turn these jumbo Valentine’s Day Heart crayons into a great gift you can package them in a nice baskets. Pile them up just like Valentine’s Day cookies. Be sure to include some drawing paper and wrap the entire package in some colored plastic wrap, just like you would some real cookies.


Large Valentine’s Day Heart cookie cutter shapes work best.

You can make your own Valentine’s Day Heart cookie cutter crayon wraps by cutting out strips of brown newspaper bags, wrapping them around the jumbo crayon, and taping them down in the back with some double sided tape. The kids can even customize the wrappers and make their own brand of Crayola wrappers.