Hand Painted Vase Kids Can Make for Valentine’s Day

Use up those leftover glass vases for this simple gift that kids can make for Valentine’s Day. This easy hand painted vase is the perfect way to give Mom or Dad a bouquet of fresh flowers. Best of all they get to keep the vase as a keepsake for years to come.
To makes These Hand Painted Valentine’s Day Vases You will need:

1 Glass Vase

Spray Primer

Acrylic Paint

Clear Acrylic Spray Paint



Ok, the first step to making this awesome home d├ęcor craft project is to layout your newspaper. I like to use spray paint, especially primer spray paint outside. It has a terrible smell that is not the best to breathe in.

Set you vase out on the newspaper.

Shake the spray on primer can according to the directions on the side of the can. Hold the primer spray-paint about 12 inches away from the glass vase. Now, lightly spray on a coat of primer paint.

Let this first coat of primer paint dry.

Do not put to much paint on during each coat. It will cause drips and runs that do not look good.

Now, once the first coat has dried add another to the vase. Let this coat of primer paint dry on the vase.

Now, continue this process of adding coats until you have thoroughly covered the glass vase.

Once the primer has dried you can let the kids go to town painting and customizing their Valentine’s Day vase. Have plenty of colorful types of paint on hand.

They can add heart, swirls, roses, other flowers, polka dots, and even stripes to the outside of the vase.

For an interesting hand painted vase I prefer to use a square glass vase. It allows of more room to paint on too!

Now, once all the paint has dried you can fill your hand painted Valentine’s Day vase with flowers as normal.

Before you add the water and flowers to the vase though be sure to add a personalized message painted on the jar.

Let the paint air-dry.

Now, once all the designs and details have dried you can take the vase outside again and spray on a protective coat o clear acrylic spray paint. This will protect all of the Valentine’s Day designs on the vase for years to come.

Tip: If the kids want a smooth surface to paint on they could take some of their acrylic paint and roll the vase around until the paint has coated the inside of the glass. Do not prime the outside. Now, pour out any excess paint.

The kids can now paint the outside in the same manner. They can also write traditional Valentine’s Day phrases like, “LOVE,” and “Be Mine” on the vase.

I recommend coating the inside of the Valentine’s Day vase with 3 coats of the clear acrylic primer if you choose to make it in this method. The primer will keep the paint protected from the water inside of the vase.